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Property Owner Benefits and Pitfalls
aka Optionor/Landlord/Seller)


Sell Your Home For Your Full Asking Price in 9 Days



How to Sell Properties For Top Dollar Quickly 
Without Paying a Real Estate Agent...

  Lease Option: How it Works  

Special Report for Property Owners: 
Wish you had a tenant that paid their rent on time and maintained your house as if it were their own until itís sold?

  Discover How Lease/Purchase Agreements (Rent to Buy) Will Work for You!  
  Benefits of a Lease Option (rent 2 Own) for Landlord/Seller  
  Risks of a Lease Option for the Landlord Seller  
  How to Avoid The Equitable Interest    
  Why Selling on Lease Options is Glorified Landlording  
  How to Sell Your House With Lease Options  
  Do You Need to Sell Your House For Any of The Following Reasons?  
  Frequently Asked Questions About Lease Options  
  Available Rent to Own Homes
  Sell Your Home For Your Full Asking Price in 9 Days  
  Make Sure The Price is Right  
  Determine Your Home's Value - Article  

How Home Sales Real Estate Commissions Are Split
Disadvantages of Low Sales Commissions

  Mandatory Real Estate Agency Disclosures to Landlord/Seller pdf *
  Housing Price Decline Prediction - San Diego - San Francisco Bay Area  
  * You Will Need Adobe Reader to the Read pdf files     FREE!!  


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