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  The thought has occurred to just about everybody who owns a home in a hot housing market: maybe it's time to cash out.

Renting - has long been derided as the equivalent of throwing money away. But renting might deserve another look right now. After five years in which rents have barely budged while house prices in New York, Washington, Los Angeles, San Diego and elsewhere have doubled, renting has become a surprisingly smart option for many people who never would have considered it before.

Owning a home often ties up hundreds of thousands of dollars that might be invested more safely and more lucratively elsewhere over the next decade.

In the Bay Area of California, a typical family that buys a $1 million house - which is average in some towns - will spend about $6,000 a month to live there. The family could rent a similar house for about $4,000, real estate records show, and could pay part of that bill with the interest earned by the money that was not used for a down payment.




So...what's the best way to put a roof over your head? 
It depends!
Here are some facts you might want to consider 
to determine which route is best for you.


OWNING a home brings you lots of enjoyment - having something you can "call your own" - something you can decorate to your hearts desire - change when you want to - and put nails in the walls when you please.

OWNING your own property usually means additional privacy - a sense of control over your own life - and a feeling of stability - of "putting down roots". Feelings that you just don't get as a renter.

And then of course there are the cost differences. When you OWN a home or condo of your own - it may cost a little more in the beginning, but your monthly payment is often less than you are currently paying for RENT

As an OWNER - the monthly payment is less likely to increase the way RENTAL rates tend to increase.

OWNING as opposed to renting can actually INCREASE your monthly 'take home pay' without your getting a raise from your boss. When you own a home, you can change your withholding to reflect the additional tax deductions you will have as an owner. 

As an Owner, part of your monthly payment will go towards mortgage interest and taxes (these are deductible items.) This means that, as a homeowner, you can receive more money in every paycheck.


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When you RENT, the decorating is already done - and that's great if you don't want to decorate the place yourself. The drawback is - if you don't like the way it's done, you are still stuck with the colors and finishes provided by the landlord.

RENTING, on the other hand, gives you a relatively carefree place to hang your hat - yet the opportunity to 'move on' at a 'moments notice'. You aren't 'tied' to the location if you later decide you don't like it.

As a RENTER, you also have to "live with" the appliances that are provided when you rented the place.

RENTERS often have little say in things that may bother you - such as rule changes, upgrades and repairs, or the overall care/maintenance of your unit or the whole rental complex and its amenities.

And while a RENTER may not have any control over what gets done. or needs to be done - at least, unlike an OWNER, the renter is also 'not responsible' for doing, or paying for the repairs or upgrades.

In an apartment, RENTERS often long for additional privacy and a little more peace and quiet. Common complaints are that thin apartment walls often broadcast a heated argument between the husband and wife who live next door - and you hear the heavy footsteps of your upstairs neighbor who likes to pace the floor in the wee small hours of the morning.

When you RENT - at the end of your rental term, you have nothing to show for your stay except for a large stack of rental receipts. When you start another lease, or move on to another rental unit, you start all over again from square one - and are no better off than when you started renting the last time.


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