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Who Are These People Who Want To Keep 
The Lease Purchase Alternative a Secret From You?

By Jeff Beaubien 
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The largest industry in America and throughout the world is the Real Estate Industry. Each year hundreds of billions of dollars pass through the hands of buyers, sellers, investors, builders, contractors, Realtors, lenders, title companies and insurance companies just to name a few. 

Below is a short list of people who want to keep the features and benefits of the lease purchase contract a secret from you because, to an uneducated individual in these professions, it takes money out of their pockets.


No Lender on Earth would Ever Dare to Offer the Same Benefits as the Lease Purchase.

Lenders are the last people in the world who want to see you do a lease purchase deal. The reason for this is that you are bypassing their system of, "just give us a month to examine your application... maybe we'll be kind enough to give you a mortgage loan- IF you meet all of our strict qualifications...." 

The bottom line is, lenders want to keep the lease purchase contract a secret from us because it takes money out of their pockets.

Real Estate Sales Agencies:

Some real estate sales agencies have entire divisions set up to handle nothing but lease purchase deals. However, most Realtors will tell you that they either have never heard of a lease purchase contract or that lease purchasing is a terrible thing.

The reason most Realtors do not like the lease purchase contract is simple; it delays their 6-10% real estate sales commission.

Realtors who have a desire to achieve success and put more money in their pockets will create a niche for themselves by using the power of the lease purchase contract to their advantage. By using it, they can easily open their doors to the largest market of buyers and sellers available anywhere.


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