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What We Do and How Our "Sell Your Home in 9 Days" Program Works

We will buy your San Diego home in as little as 9 days. You pick the date you want for us to obtain possession. This takes the tension out of the timing usually associated with selling your home and moving to a new location. By telling us when and why you're selling your home, we can assist in determining a suitable date for our possession.

In order for us to make an appropriate offer on your home, we need to know what you think it s worth, what you owe and what you expect to receive from the sale.

Frequently. homeowners have little or negative equity in their home. We can still buy homes in these situations. 

You'll also need to tell us what's needed to make the home ready for a new home-owner such as carpeting or painting. We can take care of all that.

Once we own your home by jointly completing the appropriate papers we lease the home to a qualified tenant buyer. This is not a renter.

Our buyers initially pay a significant non-refundable down payment.  This helps us separate the renters from the buyers.

Since we lease the home to qualified buyers, we have a much larger pool of prospective purchasers than just looking for buyers with cash and loans in hand. That�s why we're interested in buying your home and not listing it like a Realtor�.

Our tenant buyers live in their home, making payments and building equity before they apply for their loan. We make the payments on your mortgage until they buy the home from us.

While our buyer is leasing the home, we provide incentives to them that encourage them to quickly exercise their option to purchase. Although their lease payment is sufficient to cover the mortgage, we make our money when they buy the home with their own mortgage. So we encourage them to buy the home quickly.

Our tenant buyers will forfeit their down payment and any other credits if they miss just one payment, or if they don�t buy the home within our 12 to 36 month option period.

The tenant buyer is responsible for all repairs and maintenance, and should that fail, we are responsible for those fees, as well as any increases due to taxes or assessments. Remember that we bought your home so we are responsible for its costs and upkeep.

It s natural for you to have concern about still having your mortgage in your name. However, together we will complete a purchase arid sale agreement that satisfies your concerns about making the payments. We can also provide documentation to assist you in obtaining another mortgage if you re buying another home.

Your new lender will look at your current mortgage as income property, with our company making the payments on the previous mortgage.

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