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This list is for reference only. We do not endorse or approve of any specific company, individual, book, course or seminar mentioned herein. Individuals are mentioned in alphabetical order, not by preference or popularity.

John Adams. Atlanta-based real estate broker, educator & consultant.

John Alexander. Principal of Graystone Mortgage and promoter of the "Beacon" real estate training program.

Robert Allen. Famous author of "Nothing Down" and founder of many ACRE real estate clubs in the 1980's.

Dena Amoruso. Recognized real estate columnist and soon-to-be author, specializing in new home issues, trends, products and designs.

Jim Banks. Promotes training programs for purchasing properties in probate.

Darius Barazandeh. Attorney/MBA who offers information on investing in tax liens.

Jeff Beaubien. Author of the "Underground Lease/Purchase Handbook"

John Beck. Attorney specializing in tax lien certificates. Can be seen on late-night TV.

John Behle. Specializes in buying and selling notes & mortgages.

Dwan Bent. Does foreclosure boot camps with partner Sharon Higginbotham

Scott Britton. President of Jackson, MS real estate group and publisher of the "University of Real Estate" Newsletter.

William Bronchick,

Louis Brown. Teaches the business of buying, holding, renovating, managing and selling single family and multi family properties

Robert Bruss. Attorney and syndicated real estate columnist. Publishes a monthly newsletter.

John Burley. Teaches various real estate investing methods, including contracts for deed.

Christopher S. Cain. Author of "Road Map to Your Vacation Property Dream." Featured in USA Today and Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine.

Michael Carbonare. Lease/Purchase specialist. Author of "the Naked Investor."

Ray Como. The "house buying king" from Pittsburgh, PA. Sites includes discussion board, free articles and real estate forms.

Peter Conti. Teaches boot camps on real estate options with partner David Finkel.

Wade Cook. Seen on late-night T.V. for years. Now promotes stock-market options.

Joe Crump. Indiana-based author of "How To Make BIG Money Buying & Selling Investment Real Estate With No Money! No Credit! No Experience! No Job!"

Jay Decima. Known as "Fixer Jay," author of books and seminars on fixing properties for money

Gary DeGrazia. Specializes in buying properties from probate.

Claude Diamond. Lease/Purchase "guru". Offers one-on-one training

Cameron Dunlap. Full time investor and former Carleton Sheet Coach offers free advice to real estate investors.

France, Charlie & Randie. Training on "subject to" real estate transactions

Sandra Gadow. Author of "All About Escrow" a highly regarded guidebook for closing information.

Bill Gatten. Promotes the "PACTrust(tm)", a nothing-down solution to buying properties.

Alex Gurevich. Offers training on real estate cash flow techniques.

Ward Hanigan. California foreclosure expert.

Sharon Higginbotham. Does foreclosure boot camps with partner Dwan Bent.

Ben Innes-Kerr. Sells a marketing system for real estate entrepreneurs and investors.

Vena Jones-Cox. Teaches courses on lease/options, wholesaling and creative acquisitions. Host of Real Estate Investor Radio Show.

Joe Kaiser. Publisher of several "niche" real estate investment courses.

A.D. Kessler. Author of "A Fortune at Your Feet" and Publisher of "Creative Real Estate Magazine."

Ron LeGrand. Offers courses and boot camps on real estate investing/ Lease Options.

Larry Loftis. Attorney who speaks on (and invests in) tax liens and tax deeds, nationally.

Bill Mencarow. Proprietor of the "Paper Source," a resource for buying an selling notes.

Kevin Meyers. Author of "Buy it, Fix it, Sell it, Profit!" Specializes in "rehab" properties.

Jack Miller. Since 1978,teaches seminars around the Country on real estate, tax issues and other wealth-building issues

H. Roger Neal. Former President of the Real Estate Investors Association of Columbus teaches "fast-flipping" properties by creating notes.

Marshall Reddick. Sponsors "Buying Tours" in different cities. Focuses on foreclosures.

John T. Reed. Publishes a newsletter and landlord-related real estate books. Harsh critic of "nothing down" real estate seminars.

Jonathan Richards Publisher of the "Noteworthy" newsletter and "Calculator Power" book.

Richard Roop. Offers newsletter on marketing to find motivated sellers.

Sam Sadat. Mortgage "guru" - teaches you how to buy your mortgage at wholesale.

Greg & Lori Samson. Offer books & consulting on lease/purchase techniques.

John Schaub. An "oldie, but goodie" - making it big on little deals.

Carleton Sheets. Late-night TV personality

Robert Shemin. Author and attorney on real estate investing

John Stefanchek. Note-brokering guru

Ernest Tew. Mobile home parks and mobile homes.

Jeffrey Taylor. Publisher of the "Mr. Landlord," the nation's largest land-lording newsletter

Ted Thomas. Teaches foreclosures and investing in tax liens.

Robyn Thompson. Sells information and training on buying and selling distressed properties.

Wright Thurston. Sells information and training on buying multi-unit buildings.

John Ulmer. Gives seminars nationwide on the fundamentals of buying and selling real estate.

Bill Vaughn. Author of the "Simple Man's Guide to Real Estate Investing."

Mark Walters. Offers books on foreclosures, discounted notes and other real estate investment strategies.

Michael Warren. Speaker and author on Adult Congregate Living Facilities (ACLFs) and investing in judgment liens.

Steve Waters. Real estate investor and tax lien specialist.

Russ Whitney. Television infomercial "guru" offers mentoring and training programs for real estate investments.

Barney Zick. Real estate and business consultant; focuses on real estate options.


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