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Lease Purchase Gurus

Rent 2 Own 
a San Diego Home

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  • Jeff Beaubien
    "Once you fully understand the power of the lease purchase contract, you will never buy or sell a home the conventional way again. Ever."

  • William Bronchick

    • If you are serious about creating both QUICK CASH and long-term financial security for you and your family, invest in real estate. No other investment has created so many millionaires in America! Get Jump-Started in Real Estate Investing with tools provided by real estate attorney William Bronchick. Click Here to Visit William Bronchick's website.

    • Articles written by William Bronchick

  • Bob Bruss

    • Robert Bruss is a man to respect and recommend. He is an attorney, real estate broker, investor and a syndicated columnist. You may have seen his articles in the Sunday real estate section of your local paper. He has many good articles and special reports. Click Here to visit Bob Bruss's website.  

    • Article written by Bob Bruss:  Lease Option Pros and Cons

  • Claude Diamond

    • Discover the Mentor Advantage. Claude Diamond has a unique concept of "One on One" Mentoring. "Imagine for a moment that there was a modern niche strategy in Creative Real Estate where you can make a wonderful income with virtually no competition". Click Here to Visit Claude Diamond's website.

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