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How Else Do You Benefit?

            As soon as we initiate a lease option, your funds are free from burdensome mortgage payments and you are free to move where ever you want.  Not only that, you have the satisfaction of knowing you got your sales price—not someone else’s.   But we’re not through—you have some additional benefits in store.  Here they are:  

  • You will avoid paying the customary 5%-6% real estate commission upon sale of your home.  (On a $400,000 condo this amounts to $24,000!)

  • You will avoid closing costs—the Tenant-Buyer pays all your closing costs, approximately 1.5% of the sales price.  (On a $400,000 condo, this amounts to $6,000!)

  •   You won’t have to collect the rent!! That’s right—we’ve appointed a local Trustee Service to collect all rents and place them in your service account.  The Trustee Service will record the date of each rent payment, collect late fees (if any), and notify you if any payments are late.   

  • You needn’t make monthly mortgage payments!!  The Trustee Service will do it, drawing on the rents that have been placed in your service account.  This feature saves you time, and provides the buyer with assurance that the mortgage payments are being made.  
    • (Of course, if you prefer to do these chores yourself, you are more than welcome.  Or you can make similar arrangements with another Trustee Service.)

  • As you can see, this program really streamlines your life.




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