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Rent 2 Own 
Your San Diego Home
Sell Your Home For Full Price in 9 Days
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Do You Need to Sell Your House For Any of The Following Reasons?

  • You are having difficulty making your payments.

  • You are tired of dealing with the hassles of rental management and tenant problems.

  • You have an “ugly” vacant house that you want to get rid of quickly.

  • You have a change in your job or family situation.
  • You have been transferred and now have the “burden of owning two homes as well as having two mortgage payments.

  • You are recently divorced and now you must sell your house because it is too expensive to maintain or you simply don’t want to live there anymore due to painful memories.

  • You have inherited a home that you need to sell fast to settle an estate.

  • You are unable to sell your home “for sale by owner”.

  • You have been trying to sell your home yourself and have been unsuccessful and frustrated because your potential buyers are either trying to steal your home or they can’t qualify for a loan.

  • You are 2, 3 or more months behind on your payments and are facing foreclosure.

  • You have little or no equity in your home and you don’t want to (or can’t) take money out of your pocket to pay a 5% -7% Realtor’s® commission to sell your house.

  • You home is in need of major repairs and don’t have the money to make those repairs.

  • You never sold a home before.

  • You are an absentee home owner.



If any of the above situations apply to you we will either buy your house of sell it for you without any cost to you. Click here for details.

If the home you are trying to sell is an entry level home, we will put money in your pocket if you have any equity or not.

Rent 2 Own is a "Creative Financing Technique" for property owners that enables them to sell their home quickly for their full Fair Market Value asking price. Rent to Own is a sale with a delayed closing. Delayed until the tenant buyer is able to qualify for a loan.

Many lenders consider lease options as a sale enabling the tenant buyer to get the easier to obtain refinance loan rather than a purchase loan when they exercise their option to buy.


Best of Success,

Gar C. May
Gar C. May, Real Estate Broker
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