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Lease Purchasing Mentoring Program

Dear Creative Real Estate Investor,

Imagine for a moment that there was a modern niche strategy in Creative Real Estate where you can make a wonderful income with virtually no competition.

No more fixers. No tenants and toilets, no rent collection issues or evictions, no adversarial embarrassing negotiations, no more cold calling. Just a fun, productive and profitable business  of controlling good homes in good neighborhoods without the hassles.










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You can make profits up front, monthly and at the end of every deal you do. You would create additional streams of income by originating first class notes. You could use your specialized knowledge to become a problem solver with your own niche consulting business, helping others solve their real estate problems.

I believe that with my Creative Real Estate Mentoring Program you can have a successful and profitable business working from your own home. That's a bold statement, but it is exactly what I have been doing and teaching for many years. All you need to insure that success is a professional marketing plan, specialized training and a Niche.

That Niche is Lease Purchasing.

The old fashioned Guru techniques of acquiring properties are a thing of the past. My unique Lease Purchase methods will enable you to create consistent, dependable cash flow and long term capital accumulation. My One-On-One method of Mentoring is the best way to insure success. I created my One-On-One Program to fulfill the need for personalized training and support in the lucrative Real Estate Investment field of Lease Purchasing. I work with individuals who are serious about making money in Real Estate. My materials and strategies are UNIQUE!

There are plenty of gurus selling books, tapes and seminars, but none are working One-On-One and supporting their students to success on a long term basis. I do, however and I have many Success Stories. Many of my students recoup the cost of my program within the first 30 days and go on to achieve significant incomes.

My training Program includes the following:

  • Personal consultation and customized training program.
  • My exclusive materials and contracts.
  • A full year of follow up consultation by Phone, Fax, E-mail or in person.

You learn the ingenious "GUTS" selling system. This is a proven sales and marketing system that allows you to qualify the deal before ever going to the property. When you do go to a home, it�s to pick up a check or a contract, not to waste time inspecting the drapes. You use telephone, computer, fax machine and a Specialized Concept of doing business.

Our time is Valuable, let's not waste it !!!

If you are ready to make a positive and rewarding change in your life then give me a call and let�s talk about your success in a One-On-One Mentoring relationship.

If you need more information, then read the collection of the acclaimed Lease Purchase Times� Newsletters (12 years in publication) and Creative Real Estate Articles found on my Web site. I can also send you our free Lease Purchasing E-book.

If you want to get started or have questions, then give me a call, I answer my own phone (Whatta Guy:-). You can reach me at (970) 726-7979.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and seeing your Lease Purchase Success.

Best wishes in all your endeavors.


Claude Diamond

Claude "The Mentor" Diamond J.D.


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