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As One of Our VIP Investors you will have:

  • Cash Upfront
  • Equity Buildup
  • More than 100% Profit
  • Zero $ Down
  • Passive Income


Real Estate Secrets

Real estate values in San Diego (and across the country) have risen steadily through good times and bad. Real estate is solid, steady, tangible and very profitable. And, real estate is the one investment where you don't need money to make money.

The true goal of every investor should be to create as much massive "Passive Income" as soon as possible.

Passive income means just that, money that comes into your house month in/ month out without you having to do a thing to get it. 

How can you accumulate massive Passive Income quickly?

We have a unique program for our San Diego VIP Real Estate Investors whereby you will receive more than a 100% rate of return. The transaction will be �Zero Money Down� and we will manage your real estate portfolio.

Here is the deal:

We will make an investment, on your behalf, in San Diego entry level real property. You will be the owner. We will manage the property, rent it out and maintain it. You need never be involved. You will receive a minimum of $1,000 up front cash plus an annual Break-Even or positive cash flow. Usually the property will be sold in 2 to 3 years (a maximum of 5 years) at which time you will realize your whole profit.

The big question is

Can you qualify for a zero down interest only loan? 

The minimum Credit Rating requirement is a middle FICO score of 620 with Full Documentation or a middle FICO score of 720 with Stated Income and verified assets.

Financial Independence

This program is an easy step by step approach, for people with good credit, to reach financial independence. This is not a "Get Rich Quick" technique. However, you can become wealthy like so many of my investors do by using this easy investing system. This investment technique has been successfully used by me and my associates across the United States.

If this real property investment program is of interest to you please fill out the form below and let us know the best time for us to contact you..

"My passion is your success. This Program will help ensure you realize your dreams of real estate investing to the fullest."

Gar C. May
California Real Estate Broker
CA DRE # 479003
  commercial real estate brokers

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